Look Busy Feature

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Status: Released
Rut S on July 5, 2022:

To make sure clients dont see all the availability as I am just opening my business

Dmytro S on July 5, 2022:

Looks like it would be useful for new businesses

Michael E on July 21, 2022:

Oddly enough it is not random though so all the same slots are filled up?

Jaime C on Sept. 8, 2022:

Yes, it would be helpful to show "look busy". Also if there is no availability, it would be useful to show "'0 availability" instead of the slot just disappearing.

Pascal G on July 17, 2023:

This feature already exists, but can you activate a different random mode for each day, it would seem more real to customers

Fatih Ç. G on Sept. 24, 2023:

There should be a random mode.

Markus R on Jan. 18, 2024:

Agree with the others who want random-mode - now I cannot use this feature since I will loose customers who cannot book my morning slots (the ones that are showed first).
At least add a checkbox "Show random slots". All clients do not have to see the same random slots either.
Smart feature, but not something I can use the way it works now.

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