Company notifications when package, membership or gift card is purhcased

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When customer purchase a package, membership or gift card there should be an email notification to company email. It should be possible to edit template and disable it if needed.

Feyth L on Aug. 1, 2022:

Having memberships with this, and similar setting options to services (such as having custom templates, tying it to a service provider, etc) is something our company would find invaluable, as the lack of is proving a challenge.

Vincenzo M on Sept. 14, 2022:

Right now is hard know when someone buy packages or membership

Graham E on Sept. 27, 2022:

It is frustrating we don't get notified when a new membership is purchased, and the only way of knowing is by manually checking the sales reports every hour to see if there are any new members. I don't understand why we get email notifications for a purchase of any other service but not for memberships.

Connor F on May 9, 2023:

I'd also like a notification sent to an email address when someone a service for audit purposes and so that staff can keep ontop of it rather than check the bookings dashboard.

moment c on Aug. 10, 2023:

It is necessary for me to send notification to clients when their package is going to expire or if they have outstanding package items going to expire soon.

Yana I on Aug. 18, 2023:

I can relate! Most of our clients use packages and it's hard to know when anyone bought them

Rufus W on Dec. 4, 2023:

This definitely does seem like a massive oversight, especially considering that if a customer doesn't finish the payment process for a gift card, I get an email notification, but not if they actually make a successful purchase!

Séverine S on Dec. 5, 2023:

Yes, I really need it too

Kylie G on Dec. 11, 2023:

Yes, very necessary. We need to enable access to private facebook groups and other assets as part of packages/subscriptions.

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