Apply gift cads and coupons to packages

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Add a possibility to apply discounts, like coupons and gift cards to packages.

Oleg G on Sept. 3, 2022:

We have an offline school and would like to set a special discount for our masterclasses we providing to our pupils. In case of single event we are using coupons but in case of repeating event it's preferable to use package to pay for it once.

Dayo A on Sept. 8, 2022:

This would be really useful so we can do promo's on packages. Right now all our promo's exclude packages and it would be better if we could include them.

Debby E on Sept. 9, 2022:

The current templates are not suitable. It leaves no room for personalisation or keeping the corporate theme.

Our customers have found them difficult to use, and as a result, we have had physical, printed gift vouchers designed so we can mail these to our clients direct.

It would be very beneficial to allow personalisation and ease of ordering

Thank you

Vincenzo M on Sept. 14, 2022:

For us is most important because if you have some member or employee and you want to give benefits maybe with discount price for packages you can do it. Right now you need to create a new specific packages and put in hide mode and sell internal.

Owen H on Dec. 21, 2022:

Packages is one of the standard ways that people buy products from us, and whatever they buy, I would like to have a way to discount it with a code. This is important because I need to know not only that they need a discount, but also to track where the discount code came from so I can pay commission to the partner who gave it to them.

Jeffery D on Jan. 4, 2023:

This would be huge! We are a membership based company and without this coupons are useless...

Clint R on Feb. 23, 2023:

I'm surprised it's not possible to create custom packages and not make them visible to all. Given that this isn't possible, a coupon feature would definitely be helpful.

Andrew T on March 2, 2023:

We have an affiliate discount available to select people at out facility, so it would be very helpful to let them use this discount when purchasing packages from us.

Robyn D on March 23, 2023:

I would really like this feature to be able to offer students a futher discount on their packages, or to offer further discounts to my employees!

Kristina S on April 18, 2023:

This is absolutely neccessary, I dont't even know why it is not a standard yet.
My customers only buy packages so it makes no sense for me to issue giftcards/ coupons that the cannot apply..

Martin L on May 1, 2023:

This should be a standard feature

Salam B on July 28, 2023:

I understand why the coupons do not work on packages, as the packages are already discounted and you may not want to apply further discount on them with the coupon. However, it should be a choice.

For the gift cards, it makes sense for friends to buy each other gift cards for various occasions and use those gift cards wherever they please, since this doesn't add any additional discount.

Similar to how we can choose which service or service add-ons the coupon or gift cards apply to, please allow us to also choose which packages we would like to connect, if any.

Joanna H on Aug. 17, 2023:

This is also an issue for me. Why can't I add coupon codes to packages? I think it's a really simple feature that should be the option from the get go. I've just found out about it and it creates a lot of work for me!

Enna B on Aug. 22, 2023:

This is also an issue for us. As part our loyalty program we have clients who have access to cheaper pricing across different services, and this makes booking very complicated when it comes to packages because they can't access cheaper pricing without us creating an entirely new package, which is then visible to other customers so doesn't work.

Wash W on Sept. 15, 2023:

Please speed it up

Frances M on Nov. 6, 2023:

I echo the surprise that this isn't already a basic feature. I simply want to offer a "bonus" discount to the purchasers of my Christmas Gift Cards/Vouchers. Ie, buy a gift for someone and get a discount for yourself. I also don't understand why this would be complicated to enable...the current system makes it virtually pointless to bother with the premium subscription I bought, in the hopes of having this particular option. I might as well go back to basic and do homemade vouchers!?!?

Evani Y on Dec. 12, 2023:

I would really like to have this feature as well to offer first time clients and high-repeat clients special offers.

Patrick L on Jan. 15, 2024:

I need this feature for our bathhouse. I need the ability for customers to be able to use gift cards or coupons on packages.

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