Show fully booked days straight from the calendar

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Add a button for the client where he can click on "Find next available date" and then the booking engine goes through and finds first available slot

Allan C on July 18, 2022:

Customers will have a better experience if they can immediately see which days are fully booked straight from the calendar instead of having to go through each day one by one to see if there's an available slot.

This can be helpful to services that only offer a single slot per day, like hotel booking

John D on Aug. 3, 2022:

Add a feature that makes non-available days greyed out in the datepicker (monthly view in the calendar). For example if there are no more time slots available for the 25th of August the date on the calendar should be greyed out or somehow disabled.

Darryl B on Aug. 25, 2022:

I agree, I'm having the same issue with my customers.... Please allow it to be ! Thank you.

Sergio S on Sept. 11, 2022:

agree that would be very helpful for the customers to immediately see the available slots

Sönke T on Sept. 16, 2022:

Yes, very good I just wanted to add this too. My customers also keep calling me to ask if a certain day would be available as they do not want to klick throught all days to see what is available and what not.

Some kind green-yellow-red light system would be great. Based on the opening hours for example. If red, it is fully booked. If between 50-99% it could be shown in yellow and if below 50% it could be shown in green.

Posada A on Nov. 7, 2022:

Our clients and ourselves (businesses at simply book me) really need to be able to check availability in an easy way.
Clients need this feature so that they do not call us to ask when is the next available slot, and we businesses need a clear view on the dashboard in case they do call without us having to count by hand or export and filter an excel every time we want to check the availability.

Jens K on Nov. 21, 2022:

It would be very helpful to customers to fast-scip to the next possible date.

Mark W on Jan. 18, 2023:

This is a great idea - otherwise the client may end up clicking through ever day to find a free date. Being greyed out, would be helpful

Tina B on Jan. 27, 2023:

We need this function also.

Darryla B on March 4, 2023:

My clients are all asking for this !!! Please ASAP :)

Josh M on March 9, 2023:


An K on April 11, 2023:


Tony M on April 25, 2023:

Absolutely. Customers now have to click on each preferred date until they find one that works... which is less than ideal. It says "planned"... please do it ASAP!

Marie R on May 12, 2023:

Yes please!

Julia B on June 28, 2023:

we are fully booked out for the next 30 days. A customer does have no visibility which days whether there are potential days available or from which day it is possible to make a booking. So a customer has to click 30 days (30 times) to find a free slot. This is quite frustrating and not really a good customer experience

Ashley W on July 5, 2023:


Malehah W on July 18, 2023:

I totally agree. This will help clients with booking without having to scroll through days that are already booked!

Lauren K on July 26, 2023:

This would make things so much easier for client booking.

Yunior S on Oct. 3, 2023:

Agree... and for those that have a waiting list color coding will be great.
Like Green dates are completely available dates (Any time) Blue dates, are dates that have sometimes taken, but waiting list is available for other times.

Sve, D on Oct. 20, 2023:

Agree, speeds up te booking proces and helps filling in the calender with mess open spots between appointments

Nathan F on March 27, 2024:

Important feature for users to make booking easier and quicker

olena v on March 28, 2024:

Woudl be very convenient for a client!

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