Support other online meeting platforms - GoTomeeting / Zoom

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Lionel O on July 22, 2022:

It would greatly facilitate online meetings if we can set up zoom or gotomeetings to display the meeting location using the online meeting code already used in simply. Currently it seems to only support teams.

Ann F on July 22, 2022:

Zoom integration would be a great enhancement

Rich A on April 5, 2023:

This is key for my business too. At the moment I have to rely on the Google Meet link sent separately by Google to not going into a client's spam folder. It would be so much more useful to have that link integrated into the Simplybook confirmation email. The same would be for Zoom or other video call links too.

Kristina S on April 20, 2023:

ZOOM integration please!

Andy D on June 7, 2023:

clients get sent the zoom link for the course via email as it will be a live event. Multiple people can book on.

not receiving email with link is quite common, and when service is paid it causes disputes in whether business has to refund because of now show, and the time is wasted as well
Ability to showcase a link in Calendar Event would solve it

Dzejn D on June 30, 2023:

Zoom integration needed for us as well.

We also need allow the client to choose in the booking form from offered online platforms (per provider / per service), so f.e. he/she would choose form Google Meet / Zoom / Teams...

Enna B on July 3, 2023:

Zoom integration would be fantastic for us too.

Sebastian W on Nov. 16, 2023:

Webex as well!

Lorenzo P on Nov. 22, 2023:

Zoom integration would make everything super streamlined for me

Pascal G on April 13, 2024:

Hi ! Can you add Google meet if you have the possibility, Thanks.

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