Add "coupon code" to the Booking Details Report

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Stacy J on July 22, 2022:

Right now, the Booking Details Report tells us the amount of any discount used, but it does not specify which coupon code was used. In order to track which clients used which discount code and when, we have to use the Issued Coupons Report and click on each invoice individually, which is extremely cumbersome and time consuming, and even then the data cannot be exported to Excel. It would be so much easier if the coupon code used (the name we give it, not just the alphanumeric code itself) was readily accessible and exportable in the Booking Details Report.

ming s. t on July 25, 2022:

we are unable to know for each transaction, what discount code was used

Vincenzo M on Sept. 14, 2022:

Is important also for accounting

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