Paypal Pro Integration

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Michelle R on Aug. 3, 2022:

This version of Paypal allows clients to enter their credit card information and check out directly on the SimplyBook site, instead of having to leave the webpage and enter the information on a Paypal page. It looks a lot cleaner and more professional, and is the top growing account that businesses have with paypal

Caitlin C on Aug. 11, 2022:

This would allow our customers less clicks, less hassle, and less of a chance of abandoning the cart. Improved booking completion is probably why lots of businesses are here in the first place. Also, when our older clients are already weary of using the internet and adding their payment info, less page jumps helps them feel more secure.

Sebastian W on Nov. 16, 2023:

same here, this would lower the bar, look more clean and professional and ensure higher conversion rates

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