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Shane T on Aug. 19, 2022:

The ability to sell products without a booking.
Currently you can only sell products as an attachment to bookings. We would like customers to be able to go to our site and purchase a product without a booking.

Ann F on Aug. 26, 2022:

You can create a sale for a Product separately for the POS interface :

Collection H. V on Sept. 8, 2022:

We offer several services where it would be extremely helpful for us and for clients to be able to book our products for sale seperately.

Sönke T on Sept. 16, 2022:

I agree to this as well. Would be a great option.

ivana l on Feb. 24, 2023:

yes please!

Dayo A on July 13, 2023:

I think this would be great and to also have a page on the website where you can list the products for sale and sell directly from their. Clients can then make purchases online.

Amelia B on July 30, 2023:

Currently I can’t use the product for sale as when the customer adds one to the basket it puts in 1 per booking, so for example 1 customer is booking a service for 4 people she’ll have to purchase 4 products, even though she’s only put 1 into the basket - it’s ridiculous!

OSAMA S on Sept. 24, 2023:


Bert C on Nov. 21, 2023:

Amelia B: there is also this ticket here which is: so vote it up :D this is a real big issue

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