Different price depending on which time the service is provided

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This would be called flexible pricing and will be in consideration but not in priority as we do not get a lot of requests about this one.

Jorge A on Sept. 19, 2022:

We offer rehearsal rooms which our customers book for several hours.
In order to increase our bookings early in the afternoon (lower demand) we have setup a discounted price until 5 PM.
If a customer books 4 PM to 20 PM we would charge 1 hr with a reduced fare and 3 hrs with standard fare.
If I setup 2 different services with different prices, our customers shall need to make 2 bookings, making their booking experience a bit more of a hassle.
It'd be nice to be able to assign different prices to the same service based on the time it is provided.
Thank you!

John S on Sept. 21, 2022:

This would be useful in my line of work also.
I would be able to offer Emergency call out bookings and charge a higher rate based on the out of hours time.

Thompson H on Oct. 6, 2022:

Dynamic pricing is quite a standard for the booking platform like hotel/ flight .
Obviously it would help business maximize profit by taking advantage of peak hour demand.

I think the enhancement could be in 2 phase.
The 1st phase shall aim at flexiblility like movie ticket ( + - $X or % based on the standard price of a service in which weekday ) it would be very great to me.

The 2nd phase shall aim at the Smart/Dyanmic pricing like airbnb ( + - $X or % based on the sales amount of certain time period)

Christopher M on April 15, 2023:

This would be amazing. Fresha just rolled this out in their product line and we are considering switching over to their service because most of our bookings are evening and weekends. Weekday pricing should be different

Martin L on May 1, 2023:

This would make user journey much better. Now i have to make seperated services that are actually the same, just because I have to set different price for different time slots

Sam D on May 29, 2023:

For each of our services we currently have three rates and therefore three services: week; weekend and evening.
This considerably lengthens the list of services. The problem arises for holidays or special days where the reduced rate becomes a normal rate. It would be very useful to have more flexibility on a service. Offer a reduced rate on a last minute reservation (example: applied -15% at 6am from the appointment) (Wellness center / institut)

Salam B on July 13, 2023:

This would be helpful for my business as well (watersports related) since the most book hours are from 6am - 10am and 4pm -6pm (when water conditions at sea are ideal and quite flat).

If i can charge 10am - 4pm at a lower rate this can encourage my customers to also book in those hours when they don't find the morning or late afternoon times available.

nicolas m on July 16, 2023:

cela serai utile

Alberto D on July 21, 2023:

I am building a booking site for a client who owns two tennis courts. They want to set lower prices for hours that have low demand. We don't like the user experience of having separate services depending on the hour. We would much prefer the price to dynamically adapt to the time of the booking.

What I want was best expressed by Jorge A:

In order to increase our bookings early in the afternoon (lower demand) we have setup a discounted price until 5 PM.
If a customer books 4 PM to 8 PM we would charge 1 hr with a reduced fare and 3 hrs with standard fare.

Ihsan H on Aug. 23, 2023:

This would be helpful for our business. We need to encourage the customers to book our service during low demand since the competitors offer them better pricing.

Johnny W on Aug. 30, 2023:

This is another important feature.

stefan c on Sept. 18, 2023:

Hi, to be able to set different prices on the same service is important in my line too, im having a cleaning services business whereas my price will be varied based on different factor, such as the size of the house, condition of the house, kindly provide the customizable pricing according to my client's needs, and allow them to make payment on specific pricing set my user (me) to confirm their booking, thanks

OSAMA S on Sept. 24, 2023:

Please for the love of GOD do this I've been waiting 2 years!!

Giacomo R on Oct. 2, 2023:

We are an escape room and have discounted price from monday to wednesday, so it would be useful

Amber H on Dec. 27, 2023:

Booking Bays for our indoor Golf Facility and would like to adjust pricing based on time of day as well.

Adam K on Jan. 15, 2024:

I tried to manage different pricing through the services, but it does not seem to be very user-friendly for our therapy rooms to rent business.
The modern provider is the only one that works for us. It's a great view for our room rental per hour business, but it shows all services available all the time, rather than in the schedule for that service time.
For example, after selecting the location, it shows all providers (rooms) available - this is great. But when you select which provider (room) it shows all three services. A user selects a Saturday slot, and then the first two services s/he sees are for Monday to Friday booking. The user has to scroll down to find the right service Saturday to Sunday pricing. Our users usually don’t look that far; they click the first button, and it shows there are no hours available. This creates a user dropout for us, or they email us. Please add this feature.

Nick F on Feb. 15, 2024:

Would be super handy as our mid day classes are always so much busier then our early or late classes. This would allow us to push more people to our less busy classes

Timothy H on Feb. 27, 2024:

Great feature idea!

Axel D on March 14, 2024:

No update on this ? :(

olena v on March 28, 2024:

We would love the ability to set different service cost for different providers - ex:
classic set of lashes cost $100 with senior provider Anna
classic set of lashes cost $90 with junior provider jane

Fred U on April 4, 2024:

Hi - this is a very basic feature available in other booking service. Is there any plan to build this? It's been open for 2 years.

Want us to build this for you?