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John S on Oct. 1, 2022:

The booking system saves me a massive amount of time and headache, however it also causes me a massive amount of headache and wasted time.....why?
Well each time I get a new customer ( and I get a lot thankfully) I have to do a LOT of work to get that customers details into my accounting software. (in my case it is Quickbooks online)
I have to copy and paste each and every line of that customers name and address and job into quickbooks before I can invoice them.
It is laborious and time consuming.
I know there is Zappier BUT not only does that cost an additional fee but I have yet to even come close to getting it to do anything like what it needs to to be of any use.
So everyday I have to go through the copy and paste scenario when I have finished work!
PLEASE can we have some way of automating this process I beg you!

Owen H on March 29, 2023:

I do use zapier a lot, and it is absolutely worthwhile, however you either need to make the zapier triggers much more comprehensive, or offer a full integration to quickbooks, xero etc.
Currently the zapier integration picks up on certain triggers, but cannot report to my finance system when something is paid, and the details of that payment - this means that I have to manually do it like the use above.

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