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John S on Nov. 4, 2022:

This is, in my opinion an urgent update request.
When customers make a booking I have it set so that I have to confirm the booking before it goes through.
The issue I, and the customer faces is that they do not get a "Booking Pending" email/text
I am facing an increase in people making a booking and because they do not receive any kind of booking pending email / text they assume it has not worked. So they keep trying!
Please can we have this addition to the emails / text section.

Sarah K on Feb. 19, 2023:

I agree! If they could get an email saying their request has been submitted that would put some relief on the user that they did in fact click the submit button. Another quick fix might just be to show a message after hitting 'confirm booking' that their request is under review.

While we are at, if bookings require approval, the button should state "Request Booking" instead of "confirm".

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