Always pre-select the first available date for a selected service

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Roxanne B on Nov. 10, 2022:

Pre-selecting the first available date for a service stops working when your minimum time before a booking is too low and the next available date is too far in the future.

- Our settings for minimum time before booking is 12h.
- Today is Nov 10.
- The first available slot for a selected service is on Dec 7.

= Pre-selection after choosing a service now results in Nov 27.

It feels random and in our case particularly wrong as Nov 27 is a Sunday where business is closed. Meaning that date could not usually be selected.

It's also very unfortunate that this handy feature of pre-selecting the first available slot stops working just because the next 3 weeks are fully booked.

Regarding customer support, the only solution to make it work would be to increase minimum time before booking to 2 weeks. This is not really a solution as you can imagine..

So, this request is less intended as a feature suggestion but more like a bug report.

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