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John S on Nov. 16, 2022:

It would be good to have Sub-Categories for services.
I provide a lot of services but they mainly fall under only a few Main categories.
It would make things easier for me and my customers if they could break it down into sub categories.
So for example;
Main Category - "Electrical"
Sub-Categories could be - "Supply & Fit", "Fitting Only"

Valentin C on Nov. 29, 2022:

Hello , yes same feature for me , it would be nice to have sub categories to organize services


Teresa H on June 18, 2023:

Yes, would be great to have to make things easier for my clients too

Dayo A on July 13, 2023:

This would be a good feature to have.

Justin R on March 7, 2024:

This would be a huge improvement for my company too!

Rodolfo N on March 21, 2024:

Category in packages, It would be good to have the option of category in packages, because when selling packages at the POS, the receptionist is lost in so many packages with similar names and without any separation between the countless packages.

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