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Nick F on Nov. 18, 2022:

Why cant I clone Classes? Why cant I clone Packages? Why cant I clone Service-Add-Ons? etc. Its odd (and prtty annoying to be honest) that you can only clone Services but nothing else on the site. Would make first time set up for new users so much faster and would be a huge quality of life upgrade for the current user base!

Dayo A on July 13, 2023:

This would save a lot of time even when introducing new services.

Sam D on July 30, 2023:

It will indeed save a lot of time! strange that this is not already possible.

Stefan W on Aug. 10, 2023:

Yes for me too.

Ian R on Nov. 27, 2023:

This would be quite helpful to:

  1. save time: it take time to reproduce a product, service, package that often times is very similar to others with a slight variation,

  2. standardize: when one needs to program every new service, product, membership, and package from scratch there are so many opportunities to make mistakes since there are lots of features to configure/reconfigure to make sure all product/services/memberships/packages are alike in how they display and operate.

Patrick H on April 2, 2024:


Want us to build this for you?