Last Name on Sign Up Page - Option to Sort by Last Name

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Status: Planned
Nick F on Nov. 18, 2022:

The current work around (using "client field" custom feature) above is not sufficient. Last Name needs to be on by default. It should be located under the "details" section when viewing Manage > Clients. This would also give us the option to sort by last name on the Manage > Client page... Not having a separate last name field make integration with other contact lists (CSV files) difficult as all other platforms have separate fields for first and last name. No one has one "name" field where you are assumed to type your first name space your last name.

Marius A on Aug. 10, 2023:

Yes, this should obviously be a default feature. How am I supposed to import clients from a CSV with "First name" and "Last name"? I can add a custom client field, but it's not displayed in Manage -> Clients, only under Edit -> Client fields. Therefore I can't search for a client by the last name, which is more important than the first name.

Brian A on March 15, 2024:

We tend to book client via Last name as we often have many clients with the same first name. It is better and easier to search and find by Surname.

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