Fix the "refund" button on Invoices (Add an option to refund ONLY SELECT LINE ITEMS on and invoice)

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Nick F on Nov. 19, 2022:

We REALLY need this addressed ASAP! A simple check box beside each line item on an invoice would work. When you hit the refund button, a "total" pops showing you the amount you are going to refund and explains that this will also cancel the bookings with a "confirm" button at the bottom.

We currently can't use "Multiple bookings" because it lumps everything onto 1 invoice. If we need to refund our client for just 1 of the service booked on the invoice, we can't, as the refund button is "all or nothing."

Yes, we can refund credit card transactions through our payment provider, and manually cancel the service(s) we refunded... BUT WE NEED TO MAKE USE OF THE REFUND BUTTON FOR SERVICES THAT WERE BOOKED WITH PACKAGE CREDITS. The refund button is THE ONLY WAY to put package credit back on clients accounts.

So, if you use packages, you can not enable multiple bookings, as there is no way to refund the package credits back to your clients when the want to cancel just 1 booking on an invoice that has multiple bookings on it.

Not being able to turn on multiple booking is VERY ANNOYING for our clients as they have to check out each and every time they book (and our clients sometimes book 10 or more services per day)

This is also an issue when you enable "group bookings" for classes... its lumped on 1 invoice so the refund button can only cancel the entire group booking... this means we have to manually refund our clients through our payment provider, when they cancel only part of a group booking.

It also means we can't make use of the simplybook packages for the classes, as there is no way to refund individual package credits back to our clients! (unless we turn off group booking... but we really cant do that as it would be even more annoying for our clients who book classes for 20+ people at once... Imagine the frustration of having to individually check out over 20 times for a teacher who wants to book a class for their students).

The only solution I've found is to make "refund packages" that you manually add back to clients accounts... but this creates its own set of problem and is also annoying for clients... because now clients accounts can end up with multiple packages, on it with multiple expiry dates... So this is NOT a good solution as you might end up extending/shortening the original expiry date (since the expiry dates can only be set in yearly increments) when this could all easily be fixed by having a more flexible refund button.

Fox L on Dec. 26, 2023:

A partial refund is essential. we sometimes charge administration fees when bookings are cancelled due to customer reasons.

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