Cancelled appointments deleting from Payment Transactions

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Katie G on Dec. 14, 2022:

I'm having a real problem with the system not deleting bookings that have been cancelled from the payment transactions section. We run a clinic where some patients have insurance that pays for their treatment weeks or months later, so we need to keep track of what we are owed.

As the system keeps all bookings in here, even cancelled ones, it makes it impossible to see who still owes us money, as it is littered with appointments that didn't actually happen

If this could stop happening, it would mean we don't have to pay for other software to analyse our outstanding payments, and we are able to chase outstanding payments efficiently. Thank you.

Raphael J on July 17, 2023:

Yes please!

Ruben M on Sept. 6, 2023:

I have the opposite problem. When a client or admin cancels a booking I want the payment transaction to be canceled as well so the administration won't send an invoice to our business clients.

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