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csaba h on Jan. 3, 2023: no option to make a part refund for customer.
Most important feature because businesses charge call out fee, cancellation fee etc... even service cancelled and we make a part refund to customer.

Owen H on Feb. 27, 2023:

absolutely essential - the workaround of doing it direct with the payment processor is a real pain because then we need to reconcile evenything into the billing system - need to be able to just enter an amount to refund for every refund offered.

Nico M on March 21, 2023:

Our customer also urgently needs the partial refund, because services can be booked for several participants and individual participants from these groups regularly cancel.

Brett G on June 1, 2023:

I completely agree this is a needed feature, This is an extremely important feature for those of us that use cancellation policies.

Nick F on June 23, 2023:

This would fix the MULTIPLE BOOKINGS custom feature! We cant use this feature because you cant refund individual bookings... its all or nothing... so annoying!

Guilherme B. N on July 10, 2023:

I completely agree with this! I really wanted to use the financial part of the system, but this single-handedly made me abandon it because my graphs would always be wrong since I had to give several part refunds to customers who had made a group reservation, and part of the group couldn't make it. This is extremely needed!

Erwyn v. d. M on Oct. 10, 2023:

This is also very important to us. Not having partial refunds (because of our cancellatipon fees) reflected in the reports in the booking platform severely decreases the value of the platform and those reports.

Fox L on Oct. 17, 2023:

our operation will reduce the service length due to weather constraints, so a partial refund is essential.

Amber H on Dec. 27, 2023:

Very important as we allow multiple bookings, but our customers are able to only cancel a single part of their booking. Need to be able to auto refund only the cancelled portion of the booking.

Kerry W on Jan. 8, 2024:

I need to be able to do part refunds. Currently it has to be sone in Stripe and it really messes up my accounts

Alpen E. G on Jan. 20, 2024:

This Feature is ESSENTIAL for us because we have to make part refunds if a group comes with less people than booked. And in this case i cannot even create a refund manually.

Making a refund and not (not be able to) creating a correct invoice for it is not allowed in Germany!

It not even possible to part refund an Add-On that was booked with the appointment.

You have to add this soon! There no need for a Review of this feature. It's a must have!

Thank You!

Tom U on April 7, 2024:

Is there no update? This has been under review for a while

Fred U on April 8, 2024:

It’s pointless to have SBpay without this feature. We are forced to use stripe anyway

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