Allowing clients to amend/add to their intake forms

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Status: Under Review
Connor C on Jan. 4, 2023:

At the moment, we want to streamline our bookings. We have been blocking lots of dates/services on our calendar with a calendar note. We then have to wait for a phone call or email from our clients saying they are ready to book, then delete the calendar note, which is a timely process.

If the client can edit/amend their intake forms after a booking has been made, we could book their day/service and add their contact details. They'd be notified to create/view their booking via email, and then they can fill out/ amend the intake form and use the pay later option. This would eliminate having to use the calendar note system and make it easier to complete bookings if someone calls or emails to book.

We use this system for room hires, and we have questions like attendee numbers/ refreshments times etc. which regularly change. It would be nice for the clients to be able to make these changes as well.

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