Choice of One time or recurring service in the same service

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Status: Under Review
Sam P on Jan. 12, 2023:

It would be much more convenient and organic if One single service would have a choice to be a one time service or a recurring service, with a choice of frequency(dale, weekly, monthly, etc), as well as with a choice or funning this sequence indefinitely or end on certain date.
So client see one service. In my case it will be cleaning service. They pick one time or say every 2 weeks, click and recurring discount applies automatically, then they choose if they want this service running endlessly or to stop on certain date. in this case there is no mess with multiple similar services

Tammy N on March 23, 2023:

Company is losing money and customer is working their way round. Disable people from paying the membership price if they won't be ticking the recurring option...and have them choosing the casual drop in visit price instead". What is the point of membership if this is not implemented.

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