Button to 'Resend Confirmation Email'

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Status: Planned
Owen H on Feb. 14, 2023:

We frequently get customers calling to ask our address etc - all of this is in the confirmation email so we ask them to find it, but many cannot find it in their huge inboxes. It would be very useful to just have a button to resend confirmations - currently the only way I can resend is to cancel the appointment and rebook it.

Emma B on May 9, 2023:

Sometimes they make minor changes, like change of time or service and they like a new confirmation. Or sometimes we have missed a letter when typing their email adress, and we need to resend it.

Trung n on Nov. 27, 2023:

sometime clients entered wrong emial address and they never get informed

Andy S on Jan. 24, 2024:

We REALLY need this feature. Many clients asking us to re-send booking confirmation email. If you also applied this to text messages, it would increase your sales of text message addon bundles too.

Don L on Feb. 4, 2024:

Like Trung, clients sometimes enter the wrong email and do not get the original confirmation. Or they want confirmation sent to a different email address. I would find this feature very useful.

Nick F on Feb. 15, 2024:

We use the confirmation email to automatically send out google forms to our customers and sometime they delete the email by mistake. A re-send button would be nice!

Teresa H on April 23, 2024:

Yes, please we need this. Also sometimes confirmation emails don’t arrive neither to client nor in our own inbox (this seems to be a bug) so it would be really helpful if we could just resend them.

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