Phone number should be UNIQUE!! when a new customer signs up

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Mohamed A. S on Feb. 23, 2023:

to avoid different name accounts with different email but with the same phone number

Stefan W on Aug. 10, 2023:

because this causes the SBPay connection to SWISH to break (.PEM and .KEY files) which leads to the issue that this user whose phone number is in the system twice is not able to book and pay anything else with Swish from that point on the number is twice in the system. If the admin deletes or merges the phone numbers to one client profile and deletes all the redundant copies hten the Swish connection starts working again properly. (Because it's the phone number the Swish API and app connects to)

And if no admin cleans up duplicate phone numbers, particular users can not book and pay anymore but others still do and the clients do not know why and can not do anything about it from their side (only to get the idea to delete all their accounts but this as you know will never happen).

Please feature request that.

Chen T on Feb. 13, 2024:

I also like this features because lots of customer forgot last emails so they create new customer with hew email but same phone number. We use phone number for their loyality points so unique phone number and email would be great feature.
Even better let time login using phone number feature.

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