Change Membership Start & End Dates via Admin Panel if bought incorrectly

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Lynnette G on Feb. 27, 2023:

I had a problem where a client purchased a class membership but forgot to change the start date, therefore it automatically selected the one month period from the 25th to the 25th. My students need to purchase their class spaces in advance via a membership. a fixed sstart date cannot be set as this will block them from booking on for instance the 25th of the month for the month ahead and only allow them to book as of the 1st of the new month (as per you help team) Now as the membership has been paid and dates cannot be changed some clients have classes pending in their membership which they need to use after the membership duration which still falls in their actual membership month and which will expire after the 25th for instance - my request is for Simply Book Me can look at a feature to have the admin panel change the start and end dates of memberships, if the correct monies were received by their clients to be able to allocate the classes for which the students paid for for the month ahead (like pre-bookings)? this will offer a great solution to a business like mine and for my students as they will now not loose their classes they paid for, I will be able to fix their date issue.

if this request is unclear I can email or copy and past the transcript from the chat on the help system to give clarity

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