Enhanced Status Customer Feature

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Status: Under Review
Geoff S on Feb. 28, 2023:

We use the Status Custom Feature to allow the taking of 'Provisional' bookings that are later made into 'Confirmed' bookings when certain forms have been completed and payment made.

  1. It should be possible to filter reports based upon the values used in the Status Customer Feature

  2. There should be a [status] Template variable for use in emails

  3. There should be an email/SMS Notification option for a booking status change
    Without this, the Status Custom Feature is of very little value

Oleg G on May 8, 2023:

We are using custom Statuses to differentiate customers by Internal (members of our school community) and External.
It would be great to have a Status filter in Bookings report or/and Status field in report results.
At the moment we are using Export to Excel tool from Calendar page to have a report that includes Statuses.

Katie G on Nov. 24, 2023:

It would be helpful to keep the colours of the appointments the same for the practitioner, and the status is in the small circle, rather than the other way around. Or at least have the option - we rely on colours for appointments a lot!

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