Custom Languages for Mail Content

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Status: Under Review
Axel D on March 6, 2023:


The email model template content does not allow for different languages, which is a shame for tourism businesses who have customers from different country.
Right now the only solution is to send long emails in multiple languages which is quite ugly (even though I'm using only English/French, having the content in both languages is not that great).
A possibility to translate the content of the client notifications and send it according to the browser language of the user would be great so they only receive the content in their own language.

Also having only one language prevents me from using SMS notifications as they are just to short to include multiple languages.


Alex M on April 14, 2023:

So IMPORTANT to have the Booking System in many Languages. We have a lot of customers who didnĀ“t speak our language.

All Textes for Products, Services, Providers, Emails, on... have to be translated.

Nader A. M on June 6, 2023:

We run a medical center, so our customers do not necessarily speak a single language. It would be great if the entire website is presented in multiple languages; at least 2 languages. The interface and correspondence language is to be defined by the customer, where he/she can choose and change anytime in his/her profile.
The back-end can remain in a single language, but correspondence and interface should be in multiple language. This is a very important feature.

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