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Brian V on March 8, 2023:

I understand that you have anti-spam policies to prevent mass texting promotional material, but is there a way you could possibly add a limited information template to be able to notify your clients that...say for example you are closed tomorrow because of snow, or that a Service Provider called in sick and needs all their clients rescheduled...just simple notification texts with check box options. So when you run a booking report or a client report you would have the send sms and send email greyed out, but another button for notifications. When you click that you get a menu that gives you options with limited variables:
SUB OPTION 2 (PROVIDER NAME/WEATHER ISSUE/ETC) Have a couple of blanks (with limited character restriction) for more relevent info
SUB OPTION 3 (SICK,EMERGENCY, OR SNOW, OR CAR ISSUE.ETC..)Have a couple of blanks (limited character restriction) for more relevent info
Then the system sends a generic text like:
This is to inform you that your booking on (pull date from bookings report) at (pull time from bookings report) needs to be canceled. The (option 1) (option 2) because of (option 3) Please call the main number to reschedule.

This way you limit what can be sent as informational instead of promotional. I don't use the booking page feature, as all our bookings are done over the phone and are manually entered into the calendar. All our "clients" are students taking driver's ed. They take a classroom portion 1st, then start booking lessons so we import them. This would be A HUGE GIGANTIC INSANELY HELPFUL OPTION!!!!
Thank you very much!!! We love your system and your support staff are always helpful!!

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