Delete multiply correlation between group bookings and service add-ons/products

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Tjark H on March 21, 2023:

When looking at your Service Add-On/ Product FAQ you can find this correlation:
"Correlation with other custom features:

1- Group Bookings. Number of items is multiplied to number of participants selected."

This makes the feature completely useless for our business. If a person wants to book for 4 person, he is forced to buy the add-on/product for all 4 customers. He can't chose that for example only 2 of 4 person want an extra service/product.

And that's also very confusing for customers. When it's a product, the customer can chose how many products he want. If he picks "3", in my opinion this should mean that he buys 3 products. But instead when adding the 3 products, he buys 12, because the 3 is multiplied with the 4 tickets he buys. Very confusing.

Angelina D on June 30, 2023:

I feel the same and upvote for it.

Into T. W. C on June 30, 2023:

I strongly agree with this. A customer should be able to freely choose the number of products in total that they want, and not be tethered by the number of bookings they are making. Imagine if they are booking for their 3 kids who are different ages and need different t-shirt sizes. But if they put in a t-shirt for age 6, a t-shirt for age 7 and a t-shirt for age 8, they will end up getting 3 of each size because of this issue. It does not make sense. The customer should be free to choose how many of each add-on product they want without being tethered to the number in the group booking.

Bert C on Aug. 7, 2023:

I fully aggree with this, this makes it really unusable in combination. Please delete the correlation so we can properly use it, because the way it is designed like now it makes no sense to me.

Andreas H on Nov. 4, 2023:

I strongly agree with you all, especially with T.W.C. and I'm thinking about cases where this is a usefull option to multiply it... but it makes absolutely no sense for like 95% of the businesses who want to use the multiple booking feature.

T.W.C Your example is a really great one and can be adapted to nearly every business in my opinion. It should be at least configurable, if you want to use it multiplied or not. Hope for solution for this problem soon, since now I have to let the customers pay the products that they want in cash instead of directly from the booking process, which is a clearly bad user experience and creates time expenditure
on customer AND business site. We would like to use your booking system but at the moment we can't and won't because of this. At our business, clients often book additional products with a mutliple booking, so that's just not usable at the moment.

Lindsay B on Dec. 18, 2023:

I agree that this should be an option, but as I commented in another variation on this request (Group Bookings / Service Add ons), it should be an option to toggle on/off as there are applications where a forced application to all participants is desired.

Nick F on Feb. 15, 2024:


Nathan F on March 27, 2024:

Same issue, these should be decoupled for group bookings

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