Limit Maximum Booking Per Day

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Alice T on March 22, 2023:

Due to work requirements, we have four available time slots for our customers to select. However, out of these 4, once any 2 of them are selected, the remaining time slot for the day should be blocked out.

Rahul S on July 6, 2023:

This would be good for me, as I only have the capacity to run one particular service once a day. I would like to offer multiple time slots, but once booked, I would like to be unavailable for the rest of the day.

Maker S on July 26, 2023:

We have a space with various pieces of equipment that users can reserve, but only one staff member to help. Being able to turn off reservations on an hourly basis once X items are reserved would be a great way to reduce stress on our single staff member.

Konstantin P on Sept. 25, 2023:

It would be great to put a limit on how many hours a provider can be booked during their available hours. For example provider has 12 hours available 9am to 9pm, but can only take 8 hours booked each day. This is the only thing that is holding us from using SimplyBook. It is very common practice for contractor workers. We were considering Premium Plus for our corporation. I would love to be notified if this feature will be added, we will gladly jump to your platform for our scheduling then!

Yunior S on Oct. 3, 2023:

Agree with the notion of having multiple booking times available, but once a book is made, block the ret of the times for that day.

Sve, D on Oct. 20, 2023:

Same here, in our business we provide the client a large time frame to book an appointment, but it is not the objective to work 15hrs a day so, therefore it would be nice to have the option to allow only a certain amount of bookings. The amount might even be based upon the accumulated working time per day:eg. 4 times a service that takes 1,5 hours = 6 hours or 6 bookings of 1 hour each = 6 hours

Clini F on Nov. 24, 2023:

Some patients booked more than one appointments the same day. sometimes unintentionally, sometimes deliberately.
thank you

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