Link Providers for Classes as they are for Services

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Status: Under Review
Robyn D on March 23, 2023:

I want this extra feature so that I can actually benefit from the classes feature. My business is mostly all classes yet I cannot use this feature because every new class = new service provider as they are not linked.

Alexander C on April 20, 2023:

Same here. I use classes only. Ive added Service providers but can't see them when I create classes.

Steven C on April 22, 2023:

totally agreed

Charlie B on June 8, 2023:

Completely agree

Ian R on Dec. 7, 2023:

Same here. Plus as it is because there is no relational link between the class and the provider, the class does not display in the admin calendar until at least one client books this class, which wrongfully leaves the time slot open to other bookings. If a provider is scheduled for a class we should NOT be able book them for some other service or activity of any kind.

Ashleigh P on Jan. 10, 2024:

Also agreed. Please add this.

Nick F on Feb. 15, 2024:

I don't agree. Classes need to stay separate from providers... or else a class will literally just have the same functionality as services.

If you want a "class" to link to a service provider... just make a new service and title it "____ class" and link it to the service provider. Then set that service provider to be able to serve x number of clients.

I am only voting yes to help the above people, even though I don't want this feature lol

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