second sms reminder

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james b on April 27, 2023:

I would like to have the ability to send a second sms reminder to clients

Allison Y on Aug. 1, 2023:

I really need this feature for my company. When I only send one reminder, it's nice, but I need the option to send one reminder 48 hours before and then again 1 hour before the meeting. My last platform had this, and all my clients were really appreciative that they got the dual reminders. Please, please add this!

Fatih Ç. G on Oct. 3, 2023:

A second SMS and a second e-mail would be very well. Also admin and users should be able not to send SMS and/or e-mail during booking/cancellation/change. This is especialy important for health industry. There are many situations that we make minor changes in the bookings but do not want to send client notification. The appointment schedules in our industry have this option.

Sve, D on Oct. 20, 2023:

Improves communication and de creases no shows. First reminder could then be used to provide clients the opportunity to cancel the booking without costs (some days in advance), second reminder is then 24 hrs before the appointment in order to remind the client

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