Booking Widget: make 3rd party cookie handling easier for clients (Safari Browser)

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Status: Under Review
David H on May 8, 2023:

In short: Please remove the unnecessary second pop-up when allowing 3rd party cookies in Safari. It interrupts the user experience and requires two unnecessary and confusing clicks.

Details: In the booking widget for clients, simplybookit's 3rd party cookie implementation does not offer a convenient user journey: there is simply one pop-up too much. The pop-up tells you what to do in the next step – and then closes on click, so the user has in fact to hit the "Allow Cookies" button again to perform the desired action. That's two clicks more for the user – and the pop-up itself does not provide any useful information.

See it in action in this video (screen recording):

I have translated the texts on my website; the original pop-up reads:

"Thank you for allowing 3rd party cookies. Now we need to allow them in browser dialog. Please tap "Continue" and then tap "Allow" again in the widget."

This behavior might only be happening in safari browser, as Chrome handles 3rd party cookies differently.

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