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Nader A. M on May 10, 2023:

While the list of the supported payment gateways is good, it unfortunately limit users in some regions from using it. For example, non of the available payment gateways do support my country currency (Bahrain: BHD). Furthermore, for those gateways one has to pay more for payment processing and wait for periodical transfer of money to the merchant local bank, which again involves some other payments!!

So, to give a global diminssion to this solution and all users around the world to use it up to it's maximum, you need to add a "Custom Payment Gateway" where the user needs to provide: Name Payment Gateway, Name of the Payment Method he/she would like it to appear for customers, API ID or Ref., Secrete Code.
The setup and development shall be, of course, the responsibility of the user, while providing the required information shall immediately enable the payment gateway integration.

Hope to see this feature added soon.

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