Show address in Admin app and also link to Maps for directions

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Status: Under Review
John S on May 11, 2023:

For some very strange reason there is not a link to show the customers address in the Admin app.
You can see the address if you go to Edit.
But I want to be able to just see the full address and do not want to risk Editing anything.
Also, it should be possible to have a "get directions" link which opens up my chosen sat nav app. In my case I use the iphone Maps.

Matt O on June 22, 2023:

have the same issue, this seems like a simple fix and should be something that is a basic feature for a booking system/app.

Daniel M on July 17, 2023:

Yes!! This is a barrier for a mobile/on-location business. Please dev team, make my life complete by allowing hyperlinking the answers in form fields

Wash W on Sept. 5, 2023:

Same here.

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