Add javascript Plugin - Google Tag Manager not working !

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cyprien s on May 20, 2023:

Like custom css, create a plugin to custom javascript of the page.
I tried with your only solution Google Tag Manager, by creating a script (simple with no error possible) within custom html tag, but it is not working : the page disappeared. Even a <h1>test</h1> in custom html caused the issue (so i'm not sure error is on my side).

Sebastian W on Nov. 16, 2023:

this pairs very well with my request for improved data layer pushes, as it sits right now, GTM cannot be used effectively on simply!

Coddy L on Nov. 22, 2023:

Google Tag Manager isn't working because only part of script is added (the noscript part) when plugin is turned on.

Dennis K on Dec. 7, 2023:

I have the same problem that Google Tag Manager ist not working and as Coddy L is writing: The script for the header is not added, so GTM cant work properly. This should be fixed asap!

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