Ability to take Deposit/Payment for Required Appointments on Admin Side

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Aaron H on May 22, 2023:

To help with No-Shows, we require a deposit to book most of our appointments. We have several locations, and book on average 200 appointments per week. 80% of our appointments are booked on the Admin side. If a customer books on the website, pays the deposit, we get a very clear understanding that the deposit was made. Simplybook has a "Paid" in green on the appointment info and even tells us if it is done on Square or PayPal. It is very easy for our Front Desk to know without a doubt a payment was made.

However, if the appointment is made on our side, or the admin side, there is no place to add payment. When a customer calls in to book, our employees have to accept a deposit in Square, outside of Simplybook. Besides the fact it requires more steps for my employee, the only proof we have that a deposit is made, is if the employee clicks the received payment box. That still is not very useful, so we have to have the employee create a separate note in our CRM. However, the employee could make an appointment without getting the deposit and click the box by accident, and we will never know if the customer actually made the deposit. Or the employee could forget to click the deposit box and then when the customer shows up the front desk will get into an argument with the customer that they still owe us a deposit. You really need to add the ability to take a deposit over the phone or in person to the Calendar on the Admin side when we as the employees are booking the appointment for the customer.

Kim O on Dec. 31, 2023:

Very much agree. This also needs to be able to combine a booking deposit with the remaining payment for a current appointment, making it one transaction instead of two.

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