Ability to take Deposits on Admin Side of Simplybook for Appointments requiring Deposits/Payments up front.

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Aaron H on May 23, 2023:

To help with No-Shows, we require a deposit to book an appointment with us. We book over 200 appointments per week, and I have 3 employees working in our call center. Our customers can easily select their appointment online and pay their deposit. When they do, the SimplyBook labels the deposit as "Paid" making it really easy to know it's been paid.

However, if the customer calls us to book (which is 80% of our appointments) it does not have a feature for our staff to accept payment from the admin side of booking the appointment on Simplybook. They have to log into our Square account to accept payment. Not only is this an additional step, but there is also no real verification of payment within the Simplybook calendar like there is when the customer books and pays online. This opens us up to human error and loss of revenue. The customers appointment could be as long as 2 months from the time they booked their appointment and there is no real way to verify the deposit was made outside the hope our employees notes were correct.

Please add the ability to take payment when booking an appointment on the admin side of Simplybook to have proof payment was made and reduce the steps required to use multiple systems by employees.

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