Upload MULTIPLE files/pictures to booking & Link these files/pictures to the customer profile

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Status: Under Review
Julia B on June 28, 2023:
  1. Upload multiple files to a booking:
    Our customers send us several pictures for their appointment.
    For instance how the hairs look right now and how they want the hairs to look like after the appointment.
    This information is essential for us. At the moment we can only upload one file to a booking which is not sufficient.

  2. Link files of booking to customer profile:
    In addition the files of each booking should be linked to the customer profile so that we do not have to look in past appointments how the customer looks like but have the information (files / photos, videos) already visibile in the customer profile.

Robert N on June 30, 2023:

both features would be great. It would be even better if images are shown / embedded directly in the tool and not only via a link to download

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