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Ashley W on July 5, 2023:

Have it where as an administration we can over ride the booking system rules and company hours that have been set in place for online clients booking. If we are a single provider for example and agree to come on day off to help a client out there is no current way where we can add the appointment into the records for our license requirements nor to send out intake forms for potential a new client or anything else that the system kept track of for our businesses. It is a feature I have had in the past 2 platforms I have used and didn’t realize how much I took advantage of until I could not do it. I had to change company day and hours after agreeing to come in on a Sunday for 3 people on my old system and when manually switching appointments over could not add appointments or do anything as admin despite it is my business, license, time, etc so if I want to work with a client I should be able to override a system out in place to help make life easier instead of the opposite

Sve, D on Oct. 20, 2023:

Agree, increases flexibility for the business owner

Andy S on Jan. 24, 2024:

Totally agree

Don L on Feb. 4, 2024:

Completely agree. Special circumstances arise when I want to accommodate a particular client without changing any of the existing booking rules. Most commonly, it is because I want to work someone into the schedule between other clients. It would be nice if the system popped up a warning that says "This appointment will violate a booking rule" (even better if it says the specific violation) and offers cancel/override buttons.

Davin C on Feb. 15, 2024:

Please look into this as a feature. Definitely will help to do quick overrides instead of the "work around" of cloning every service with unlimited hours.

"You can clone your services and make the clones hidden and increase their availability in the schedule - your clients will not see them on booking page, however in the Admin page via Calendar you will be able to manually create bookings for whichever timeslot you like/want. You can clone your services in Manage // Services -> click on a service you wish to clone -> clone
To make them hidden, please click on the eye next to the service"

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