Apply Coupons on specific location.

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AbdulAziz L on July 12, 2023:

A real scenario that occurred to me:

I have 2 different locations, shared services, different service providers, and shared service add ons.
I would like to apply a coupon for 1 specific location only, but since the services are shared and coupons are service specific. I had to duplicate all my 12 services + all my service add ons (30) to be able to have a coupon for a specific location.

we have 2 different locations:
Y location
D location (discount of 20% in this location)

We have service:
“Peak hours” service is shared between the locations with same price.

We have different service providers:
"Football (5-a-Side) Y location court (1)"
"Football (5-a-Side) D location court (1)" (If the location has the discount it should be applied here only)

If you can do it on a specific location with shared services it would really save a lot of time of having separate services, and also it will also solve the problem of having separate service add-ons if all locations share the same price.

Greg F on Jan. 2, 2024:

Yes. This will really help build up a new location

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