allow to schedule timing for additional resources

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Status: Under Review
jamie s on July 25, 2023:

so we can have more flexibility when it comes to scheduling and blocking timing when a certain resource has run out.
For example, we have 3 additional resources that can be used on most days but on certain days they are not available. currently, I have to go through each week to make sure the resources do not get overbooked on those days.

Owen H on Nov. 21, 2023:

I think I'm saying the same as above - I just want to be able to put resources out of commission for a certain time. e.g. I have a number of services which might use a treadmill. It is being serviced from 8-12 on thursday, so I would like to be able to mark it as out of commission for 8-12 so that no-one can book the services which use it...

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