Daily maximum limit of services booked per employee

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Status: Under Review
Karine O on Aug. 14, 2023:

Our employees cannot do one service after the other during all the entire length if their working day. We already set a buffer time after each service. However, our staff members, can onlyo do 5-6 services on a 9 hours workday.
Right now there is obviously no solution for that according to your chat support team. We would urgently need this feature. It would help us a lot being able to set the limit of bookings per employee per day and being able to go online with your reservation tool.

Konstantin P on Sept. 25, 2023:

It would be great to put a limit on how many hours a provider can be booked during their available hours. For example provider has 12 hours available 9am to 9pm, but can only take 8 hours booked each day. This is the only thing that is holding us from using SimplyBook. It is very common practice for contractor workers. We were considering Premium Plus for our corporation. I would love to be notified if this feature will be added, we will gladly jump to your platform for our scheduling then!

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