Ability to allow end of the day bookings to extend past closing

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Ashley W on Aug. 16, 2023:

Allow services that extend past closing hours to be able to be booked and ability to set how far past closing it is allowed to extend.

For example if you have an end of the day 90min appointment that starts at 5pm and closing is normally 6pm that you can set that appointments without buffer is allowed to extended till 6:30pm.

This will allow you to have appointments that might slightly extend over and them not cross into the next day’s morning like it does now if you allow bookings to extend past closing and breaks. Also have the ability to turn off the buffer to be included at the end of the day. That way if you don’t want sessions to extend past your open hours that appointments can still be booked at the end of your day till closing so that previous example the client instead could book an hour appointment instead of a 90min and the normal 30min buffer isn’t included like the rest of the day so it will all the booking to be placed by the client.

Have these abilities without having to clone and have a whole new service with the same time allowed to confuse clients. Like when having to clone the membership services that are allow r to be booked at a more expensive cost to the clients. Reduce the amount of redundancy and clutter of services. Instead have a button or something you can toggle on to say you allow bookings to extend past your closing hours for a set amount of time you can enter and another button where you set the buffer that can be toggled that you allow end of the day appointments not to have to include the normal buffer when booking.

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