Booking review confirmation mail for the client if booking still needs to be accepted

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Jan B on Sept. 15, 2023:

The appointment is confirmed manually by the employee and only then does the customer receive an e-mail with the booking confirmation. It would therefore be great if the customer receives information that it is only an appointment request and that the appointment still needs to be confirmed.

Daniel M on Feb. 11, 2024:

Yes!!! I just decided to alter my whole process flow took accept payments off and replaced it with approve bookings and this is my biggest pain point. After a user books I don't feel like it's clear enough to a user it's still pending approval, and there are ZERO email confirmations/messages until we accept the booking. As a workaround I've put emphasis on the process that this is a booking REQUEST and that they must pay a deposit prior to acceptance (doing this via square, previously I was taking deposits here and invoicing in square for remainder separately...). I do think with accept payments added it should add another set of email notifications, one for the provider to say hey you have a pending booking with the details, and another to the customer with a friendly tailored message along the lines of we will review your request soon and you'll be notified when approved.

Thank you, long time user this system is great.

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