do not send notification when required

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Status: Under Review
Fatih Ç. G on Sept. 24, 2023:

Sometimes, we as the users add a booking appointment or change a booking in the calendar but do not want to send any notification. For this aim, there should be a choice in the admin/user calendar booking page and when selected no notification should be sent to the client. For example, I may want to change a 20-min service time to 15 minute and the booking start time will not change and I do not want to send any notification to the client.

Fox L on Oct. 17, 2023:

It's crucial for providers to have the option of whether to inform their clients or not when they make changes to a service, especially since there can be multiple providers offering the same service. Sometimes, specific provider changes are not of concern to the customer. For instance, if a driving training school replaces a training car due to maintenance, but all the cars are identical, the change might not be significant to the student.

Nathalie R on Nov. 28, 2023:

It would be great to have the option to not send notifications for certain changes or to certain clients. Not everybody wants the emails.

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