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Fox L on Nov. 2, 2023:

I wanted to take a moment to express my satisfaction with the system, especially when integrated with the POS feature. It has proven to be an invaluable tool for my unique business model, which encompasses both service offerings and gift shop sales. This integrated solution has truly revolutionized our operations.

However, to further streamline our daily cash management, I'd like to suggest a feature enhancement: Cash Tracking in the Till. Here's a brief overview of how I envision this function:

Initialization: Upon launching the POS system for the first time each day, a prompt should appear requiring the user to enter the starting cash amount in the till.

Cash Payment Updates: Throughout the day, as cash payments are accepted, the system should automatically update and keep track of the total cash in the till.

End-of-Day Reconciliation: At the close of business, the system would prompt the receptionist to enter the day's total cash count. This would facilitate easier reconciliation and enhance cash management.

I believe that the integration of such a feature would further elevate the efficiency of for businesses like mine, especially those that handle a mix of cash and electronic transactions daily.

Thank you for your consistent efforts in providing user-centric solutions. I look forward to potential developments in this area.

New Zealand

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